Settling Back In

Well well well. School is in full swing, and the calendar is jam packed. We had last Tuesday off for Liberation Day, and let me tell you I have never been so glad to be liberated. How do we make Tuesday’s off a thing?


Judah just started preschool last Wednesday and he couldn’t be more excited. I snuck out of work for a minute to drop him off for his first day. I’m not taking it personally that he didn’t seem to care, told me to stop messing with his hair, and when I said “I love you, Judah.”, he responded with “BYE”. Guess that means he’s ready?? (or ungrateful that I GAVE HIM LIFE.)

Asher and Zoey are still home with our nanny. I think Asher will like having a little more time to himself (and Zoey) but will be thrilled when Judah gets home in the afternoons; they are best buds. Asher is getting a little more stubborn everyday, and it’s a wonder why seeing as how there isn’t even one stubborn person in our home.


He talks up a storm but always misuses my and I. “My jump” “my get an owie”, butttt you already knew he was adorable. He just turned two in July and is growing in spades. He has a signature big-grin-squinty-eyed smile that will leave you in a puddle. He has also developed a not so charming middle kid defense system of squealing and hitting when not getting his way…but we are working on that.

Isaac is back into his normal rhythm of teaching 6th grade math and Bible and playing basketball in the mornings twice a week with staff. Oh ya, so there I was in my office a couple weeks ago when I see my principal go to retrieve the first aid kit. I proceeded to ask him what happened and he told me he messed up his finger in basketball that morning. He then quickly said, “but that’s nothing”, pointing to his busted lip. My response was something to the effect of, “oh my goodness, what happened?!”. Apparently my boss’ face + husband’s elbow happened. Luckily, my boss is a good sport.


Church has been getting busy as we have been taking on more leadership roles, which means we have to get there early. *gasp* I feel like on-time would have been ambitious enough. As we are now leading up the welcoming committee, we are meeting a whole new crowd of people who can actually get places on time.


We have been so fortunate to have found ourselves forming life long friends here, lately espeically. One of those things with life overseas, is that in some ways you form relationships quickly because “we are all in the same boat”, but everyone is so busy doing their own thing and people tend to be a bit reserved as no one knows how long you will be here. Each year we watch friends leave that have become like family (and you can still talk bad about them on your blog because they say they don’t read ittttt), but new people come. You always just have to secretly hope that you don’t become great friends with people on their way out, so naturally we have a list of people we will hold hostage should they ever try and leave us.


Also, in my spare time *ha* I am coaching Varsity Girl’s tennis again this year. I will say though that it could be a pretty small time commitment if it keeps raining. Every. Blasted. Day. Apparently monsoon season is a little late just like the Craft family at church. Go figure. Anyone got some indoor courts we can borrow??? Between that and court maintenance, we are well on our way to becoming a Conditioning Team. And please don’t even ask why there are desk chairs etc. in that pile of junk on our courts, my only explanation is: Korea.


Everything else here is life as normal. Zoey is back to her pre-summer habit of sleeping through the night BECAUSE SHE LOVES US. The boys are still all about her and no one makes her laugh like quite like Judah. She has started eating baby food but isn’t interested in any finger foods yet. I guess Princess Z just likes being fed. She is sitting up like a champ and working on scooting. She will be terrorizing our house in no time.

We have some longer breaks this year with the way holidays fall, so with any luck and $$$ we hope travel some. I feel a bit like this after doing our summer stock up for our ever growing family of five, but we should be fine as long as everyone pinky promises not to grow out of their shoes.


That’s all for now. As always, sending love from Seoul.


Oh. Also. In my foolishness, in my last post about traveling with kiddos I forgot to give a massive shoutout to all the mamas who have gone before me and shared all their traveling wisdom. My list is certainly a work of collaboration; us mamas are stronger in numbers!!! ❤


One thought on “Settling Back In

  1. So happy to see these blogs and wow what a joy I receive from reading them. Great job Ali and Isaac, you two are up for Mom and Dad of the year. Love to all five of you.


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